About Tia x Chatter

Tia Collection is a global art collection with a mission to support artists and institutions through its acquisitions and lending programs. In 2023, Tia Collection partnered with Chatter to continue the CCA’s mission in the Muñoz-Waxman Gallery space. Tia x Chatter provides a backdrop of loaned artworks from the collection for Chatter’s Santa Fe programming. Exhibitions are curated by Tia staff on a bi-monthly, rotating basis. Tia Collection also supports other visual arts programming in partnership with Chatter including a mural commissioning project.

What’s On Now

Field of Vision

On view: April 27–June 22, 2024 during performances and events at the CCA Muñoz-Waxman Gallery and selected open house and reception times.

Open House:

Saturday, May 18, 11:30am – 2pm (with curator Brooke Denton)

Closing reception:

Friday, June 21, 4 – 6 pm

Tia Collection is pleased to announce Field of Vision, curated by Brooke Denton!

This exhibition represents a convergence of art and storytelling, inviting viewers to become active participants in the creation of meaning. “I found initial inspiration from Donna Huddleston’s work,” says curator and Tia Collection archivist Brooke Denton, “as it is largely influenced by her time in theatrical set and costume design. I was inspired by her approach and wanted to create a stage show that viewers of the exhibition could loosely follow. Each wall within the exhibition space serves as a distinct chapter, presenting a different scene in an ongoing narrative. The viewer takes part in an unfolding story, one of shadowy figures in subliminal spaces, abstract explosions of color and shapes, flowing gowns of women on stages, seaside camping, and, finally, a crescendo of singing clouds.”

Exhibiting Artists: Gideon Appah, Hansjoerg Dobliar, Guy Ferrer, Mike Henderson, Donna Huddleston, Dennis Kardon, Bob Law, Beatrice Mandelman, Betty Parsons, Marie Watt.

Tia x Chatter Mural

Chatter is excited to announce the inaugural Tia x Chatter Mural, created by Santa Fe-based Diné and Kanaka Māoli artist Heidi Brandow and on view from March 9–July 31, 2024.

Past Exhibitions:

Tia x Chatter: I Say With My Full Essence

Tia x Chatter: The B/W Show

Tia x Chatter: Bless This Land