About Tia x Chatter

Tia Collection is a global art collection with a mission to support artists and institutions through its acquisitions and lending programs. In 2023, Tia Collection partnered with Chatter to continue the CCA’s mission in the Muñoz-Waxman Gallery space. Tia x Chatter provides a backdrop of loaned artworks from the collection for Chatter’s Santa Fe programming. Exhibitions are curated by Tia staff on a bi-monthly, rotating basis. Tia Collection also supports other visual arts programming in partnership with Chatter including a mural commissioning project.

What’s On Now

A layered image featuring a green-and-black background and two vertical yellow columns.
Grace Rosario Perkins, I Say With My Full Essence and Plants Start to Grow, 2022. Acrylic, spray paint, and calendula on canvas.