2023 Performances

Thursdays at 6pm — Free!

Four concerts in dialogue with the Albuquerque Museum's exhibits Journey West and Dictators and the Disappeared

Admission is free! No reservations required. Concerts are indoors at the Museum's Ventana Salon.

August 3, 2023

Juan Orrego-Salas Sextet for Clarinet, Piano, and Strings
Alfred Schnittke Piano Quintet

James Shields clarinet
Judith Gordon piano
Emily Cole, Csaba Koczo violins
Laura Steiner viola
James Holland cello

August 10, 2023

Aaron Copland Clarinet Concerto
Kaija Saariaho Oi Kuu
John Adams Shaker Loops

James Shields clarinet
Elizabeth Young, Ruxandra Marquardt, Emily Cole, Megan Holland, Csaba Koczo, Ana Maria Quintero, Donna Mulkern, Natalie Frantz violin
Kim Fredenburgh, Sigrid Karlstrom, Laura Steiner, Marissa Winship viola
Marilyn de Oliveira, Trevor Fitzpatrick, Thomas Shoebotham cello
Ted Botsford, Sam Brown bass
Anna Hamrick harp
Judith Gordon piano
David Felberg conductor

August 17, 2023

Raven Chacon Old Song
Peter Garland The Roque Dalton Songs
Lou Harrison & Richard Dee Suite for Violin and American Gamelan

Melissa Peña english horn
James Holland cello
John Tiranno tenor
John Marchiando trumpet
James Shields bass clarinet
Megan Holland, Natalie Frantz violins
Anna Hamrick harp
Judith Gordon piano
Douglas Cardwell, Alexis Corbin, Hovey Corbin, Jeff Cornelius, Diana Sharpe, Alan Zimmerman percussion
David Felberg violin/conductor

August 24, 2023

Frederic Rzewski The People United Will Never Be Defeated!

Luke Gullickson piano

Albuquerque Museum of Art and History

2000 Mountain Road NW in Old Town
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Tues-Sun 9am-5pm