Volunteers give Chatter Sunday more than 5000 hours of help each year! If you’d like to join the crew then you, too, can enjoy our tight-knit community and free admission to performances.

Send an email to Laura Stokes expressing your interests
Volunteer Coordinator
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Chatter volunteers

Photo by Aziza Murray

Audience Services | Parking | Set-up | Front Desk
Sarah Aagard, Jeannie Allen, Valerie Beaman, Elena Saavedra Buckley, Lars Fabricius-Olsen, Martha Heard, Abby Herrick, Enid Howarth, James Janis, Sue Keefe, Ed King, Lois King, Aziza Murray, Jim Norman, Gus Pedrotty, Jenny Peraza, Judy Pratt, Helen Senesac and Linda Snyder.

Production Support | Sound | Lights | Stage
Walker Durell, Jim Norman, Jerry Miller and Paul Stokes

Behind the Scenes
Ellen Cline, Publicist
Don Michaelis, Communications
Pamela Michaelis, Day Sponsorship Program

And our Fabulous Bakers!

Chatter bakers

Joyce, Barb, Billy, Riha, Janet and Anne :: Photo by Aziza Murray