Volunteers give Chatter Sunday more than 5000 hours of help each year! If you'd like to join the crew then you, too, can enjoy our tight-knit community and free admission to performances.

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Chatter bakers
Joyce Freiwald, Baking Coordinator with Baker Team | Photo by Aziza Murray

Set-up | Front Desk | Bakers
Megan Baldrige, Chris Barnes, Corinne Berendt, David Biagini, Brenda Broussard, Billy Brown, Janet Carman, Kathy Chilton, Connie Compton, CK Ellwood, Joyce Freiwald, Larry Guy, Steven Higgins, Molly Hill, Nancy Hoffman, Lisa Jackson, Sue Keefe, June Knight, Ann McKinney, Lynne Menefee, Aziza Murray, Judy Miller, Linda Pasternacki, Gus Pedrotty, Barbara Reeback, Mary Reid, Angela Roll, Janet Yagoda Shagam, Megan Snow, Linda Snyder, Tanner Stegnik, Carol Stringer, Linda Trowbridge, Bert Umland, Jeanie Ward, Jeanne Whitehouse, Matthew Zimmerman

Production Support | Sound | Lights | Stage
Chris Barnes, Molly Hill, Robert Secrest, Megan Snow, Matthew Zimmerman

Behind the Scenes
Ellen Cline | Publicist
Elizabeth Ryan | Program Design
Don McIver | Poetry Wrangler