Late Works Program Listings

June 7, 2024

Lou Harrison Solo to Anthony Cirone
Jody Diamond Kenong
Ryan Meyer Rainbow Body
Joseph Byrd Animals
Ryan Meyer Sheet of Glass
Luke Gullickson Wolf Moon (world premiere)
Dewa Alit Ameriki

Ryan Meyer dulcimer
Jesse Tatum flute
David Felberg violin, conductor
Judith Gordon, Luke Gullickson piano
Jeff Cornelius, Alexis Corbin, Ben Irons, Hovey Corbin, Diana Sharpe, Alan Zimmerman percussion

May 3, 2024

J.S. Bach Prelude from Suite no. 2 in D minor
Layale Chaker Before Bloom
Atar Arad Aviv
Donia Jarrar The Drowning Meadow
Philip Glass Duets for Violin and Cello
Justine Chen Iridescent Gest
Missy Mazzoli Beyond the Order of Things (After Josquin)
Valentin Silvestrov Postludium No. 3

Matt Haimovitz cello
David Felberg violin
Judith Gordon piano

April 5, 2024

Kate Soper Ipsa Dixit

Tara Khozein soprano
Jesse Tatum
David Felberg
Alan Zimmerman

March 1, 2024

Olivier Messiaen L’alouette Lulu from Catalogue d’oiseaux
Viet Cuong Apparition
Caleb Burhans Phantasie
Olivier Messiaen Quartet for the End of Time

Zachary Good clarinet
David Felberg violin
Laura Metcalf cello
Judith Gordon piano

February 2, 2024

Morton Feldman Violin and String Quartet

David Felberg violin
with FLUX Quartet
Tom Chiu, Conrad Harris violin
Max Mandel viola
Felix Fan cello

January 5, 2024

Julius Eastman Femenine

David Felberg, Emily Cole violin
Ron Blessinger viola
Laura Metcalf cello
James Shields clarinet
Pat Posey tubax
Douglas Cardwell vibraphone
Luke Gullickson keyboard
Conor Hanick piano

December 1, 2023

Andy Akiho Karakurenai
Michael Begay
It Came From The West (world premiere!)
Cassandra Miller Philip the Wanderer
Reena Esmail When the Violin
Per Nørgärd Spell
Steve Reich New York Counterpoint

James Shields clarinet
Elizabeth Young violin
James Holland clarinet
Luke Gullickson piano

November 3, 2023

Michael Nyman Two Violins
Linda Catlin Smith
plus a set of originals and arrangements by Majel Connery :: songs by Annie Lennox, Imogen Heap, and Kylie Minogue + selections from Majel’s Rivers are our Brothers

Majel Connery voice
Elizabeth Young, David Felberg violins
Felix Fan cello
Judith Gordon piano
Daniel Ward guitar

October 6, 2023

Paul Wiancko X Suite
Toru Takemitsu Orion
Christopher Cerrone
Liminal Highway
Bryce Dessner Murder Ballades

Jesse Tatum flute
Jeff Brooks clarinet
David Felberg violin
Rhonda Rider cello
Gregg Koyle percussion
Judith Gordon

September 1, 2023

Nathan Felix Texas Skies
Timo Andres Shy and Mighty (excerpts)
Various Composers I Still Play
John Adams Hallelujah Junction

Timo Andres, Judith Gordon pianos

August 4, 2023

John Luther Adams Among Red Mountains
Eric Dolphy God Bless The Child
Timo Andres Steady Gaze
Raven Chacon (Bury Me) Where the Lightning [Will] Never Find Me
John Luther Adams The Light Within

Jesse Tatum flute
James Shields clarinet
Emily Cole violin
James Holland cello
Luke Gullickson piano
Alexis Corbin percussion

July 7, 2023

Bela Bartók Out of Doors
John Zorn The Book of Heads (excerpts)
Florent Ghys Bouquet Garni
Steve Reich Electric Counterpoint

James Moore guitar
Luke Gullickson piano

June 2, 2023

Scott Wollschleger Denny’s
Luke Gullickson Pasacalle NM-59
Georg Friedrich Haas Solo
Cassandra Miller Daylonging, Slacktide
David Lang Mystery Sonatas (excerpts)

David Felberg violin, octave violin, viola, viola d’amore

May 5, 2023

Ingram Marshall Authentic Presence
Andy Akiho 21
Molly Joyce Rave
Amy Beth Kirsten Pirouette on a Moon Sliver
Eve Beglarian Wolf Chaser

Luke Gullickson, Judith Gordon piano
Jeff Cornelius percussion
Lisa Collins cello
Jesse Tatum flute
David Felberg violin

April 7, 2023

Christopher Cerrone Nervous Systems (New Mexico Premiere and Chatter co-commission)
György Ligeti Poeme Symphonique
Ryan Francis Voynich Transcriptions (excerpts)

James Shields clarinet
David Felberg, Emily Cole violin
Laura Chang viola
Felix Fan cello

March 3, 2023

Paul Wiancko Vox Petra
Mariel Roberts Lightning Field
Guillame de Machaut Complainte from Le Remede de Fortune
Heinz Holliger/Machaut In(ter)ventio a 3
G.F. Haas – Sextet for 3 violas and 3 cellos

Allie Norris, Laura Steiner, David Felberg viola
Mariel Roberts, Felix Fan, Kevin Kunkel cello
David McGuire tenor

February 3, 2023

John Cage The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs
John Cage Nowth Upon Nacht
Kate Soper Only the Words Themselves Mean What They Say
Somei Satoh The Heavenly Spheres are Illuminated by Lights
Erik Satie Socrate

Tara Khozein soprano
Jesse Tatum flute
Alan Zimmerman percussion
Luke Gullickson piano

January 6, 2023

Reena Esmail Two Tones
Francisco Tarrega Capricho Arabe
Benjamin Britten Lachrymae
Ann Southam Remembering Schubert
David Lang Death Speaks

Jennifer Perez soprano
Laura Steiner violin/viola
Judith Gordon piano
Martin Ly guitar

December 2, 2022

Federico Mompou Musica Callada no. 1
John Cage Suite for Toy Piano
Doug Falk Now That’s What I Call Classical Music!
Marti Epstein American Etude no. 11
David McGuire, Jr. The Thing with Feathers
Thomas Ropp Carnival
Seán Clancy Four Pieces of Music Lasting Thirty Seconds Each
Peter Gilbert Banging on the Old Tin Barn
John Kennedy The Winged Energy of Delight
Tan Dun Eight Memories in Watercolor
Hannah Kendall Processional
Karen Tanaka Techno Etude no. 1
Julia Wolfe Compassion
Jeroen Van Veen Minimal Preludes nos. 11, 18, 14
Angélica Negrón Sueño Recurrente

Judith Gordon piano and toy piano

November 4, 2022

Charles Wuorinen Spinoff
Gabriella Smith Imaginary Pancake
William Duckworth Time Curve Preludes #3, #12
Eric Wubbels the children of fire come looking for fire
Jonny Greenwood Three Miniatures from “Water”

David Felberg violin
Sam Brown bass
Douglas Cardwell percussion
Luke Gullickson piano
Daniel Ward tampura

October 7, 2022

Erkki-Sven Tüür Architectonics V
James Emery The Art of Improvisation
Dai Fujikura Motion Notions
John Cage In a Landscape
George Crumb Three Early Songs
Steve Reich Electric Counterpoint

Jennifer Perez soprano
David Felberg violin
James Emery guitar
Judith Gordon piano

September 2, 2022

Philip Glass Sonata for Violin and Piano
Danny Clay Holly Park
Lou Reed Heroin (arr. David Lang)
Morton Subotnick The Key to Songs

David Felberg violin, conductor
Judith Gordon, Luke Gullickson piano
Jennifer Perez soprano
Laura Steiner viola
Felix Fan cello
Jeff Cornelius, Alan Zimmerman percussion

August 5, 2022

Jacob TV grab it!
Ian Dicke Get Rich Quick
Aaron Siegel A Great Many

James Shields clarinet
Luke Gullickson piano
Douglas Cardwell, Alexis Corbin, Hovey Corbin, Jeff Cornelius, Alan Zimmerman percussion

July 1, 2022

Anna Thorvaldsdottir Spectra
Bryce Dessner Skrik Trio
Dobrinka Tabakova Insight
Missy Mazzoli Lies You Can Believe In

David Felberg violin
Laura Steiner viola
James Holland cello

June 3, 2022

James Tenney Critical Band
Dai Fujikura Poison Mushroom
Alvin Lucier Homage to James Tenney
Kaija Saariaho Petals
Donnacha Dennehy Bulb

Jesse Tatum flute
Samantha Brenner bassoon
Jeff Rogers horn
David Felberg violin
Felix Fan cello
Toby Vigneau bass
Luke Gullickson piano